These videos give visual evidence of the enormous problems caused by single-use plastic, along with information about how plastic became so pervasive and what we can do about it.

Consider hosting a screening to raise public awareness. During the pandemic, an online watch party–or an online discussion for those who have viewed a freely accessible video–is a better option.

Bag It! Follow one man’s journey to understand why so much plastic is creeping into his daily life as he prepares for fatherhood.

Plastic Paradise. Intrigued by mentions of a huge island of garbage in the ocean, a young woman sets out to visit the Garbage Patch and learn its origins.

Plastic Wars. The plastic industry’s claims that recycling solves all the problems of plastic are investigated in this episode of PBS’s Frontline.

The Story of Plastic. Where did it come from, why are we using so much, and where does it go?

A series of brief videos highlighting student actions for the environment

Young Voices for the Planet. This series of short films documents youth working to solve environmental problems.