Sabrina is motivated by the vision of Pittsburghers that see themselves as empowered, responsible, and caring stewards of their local environment and the world-at-large. Sabrina is a professional designer, focused on leveraging design to empower individual and societal change. She lives in Highland Park. Affiliations: Director, No Plastic Please Campaign,Continue Reading

Ed is a Family Medicine/Hospitalist Physician.  He felt frustrated and mostly alone in his concern about plastic pollution until he met Pat Buddemeyer and Elise Yoder at Maren Cooke’s Environmental Salon and was asked to join the planning team for What’sSUP which became PASUP.  Now, Ed is learning the powerContinue Reading

Becca has been working on environmental issues for 30 years, primarily by changing her own habits and encouraging others to do the same. Her early focus on recycling has shifted to choosing reusable over disposable products and reducing packaging. Becca is a writer and data manager whose work in criminologyContinue Reading