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#5 plastic symbol on bottle

Reimagined Recycling has stepped in to close a Pittsburgh recycling gap by collecting items of any shape made from polypropylene, the plastic with “5 PP” in the triangular symbol on the bottom. They also accept containers made from high-density polyethylene with symbol “2 HDPE”. Continue Reading

We’ve added a recommended reading page to our website so you can always find links to helpful articles about the SUP problem and how small adjustments in our daily lives can reduce demand for SUP! Check it out at   SUP in SchoolsClick here to check out our website for a report on theContinue Reading

typical school lunch styrofoam tray with milk carton and straw

by Becca Stallings PASUP’s SUP in Schools Action Team met with representatives of several Pittsburgh-area public, private, and charter schools in late 2019 and early 2020 to discuss what they are doing already and what they might be able to do to reduce SUP in their schools. We decided toContinue Reading

Sabrina is motivated by the vision of Pittsburghers that see themselves as empowered, responsible, and caring stewards of their local environment and the world-at-large. Sabrina is a professional designer, focused on leveraging design to empower individual and societal change. She lives in Highland Park. Affiliations: Director, No Plastic Please Campaign,Continue Reading

Ed is a Family Medicine/Hospitalist Physician.  He felt frustrated and mostly alone in his concern about plastic pollution until he met Pat Buddemeyer and Elise Yoder at Maren Cooke’s Environmental Salon and was asked to join the planning team for What’sSUP which became PASUP.  Now, Ed is learning the powerContinue Reading

Becca has been working on environmental issues for 30 years, primarily by changing her own habits and encouraging others to do the same. Her early focus on recycling has shifted to choosing reusable over disposable products and reducing packaging. Becca is a writer and data manager whose work in criminologyContinue Reading

Door opening up into School Hallway

The SUP in Schools team met with representatives of several public and private school districts in the Pittsburgh area to learn about SUP packaging, trays, and utensils in school meals.  We found a wide range of current practices and an overall concern about the environmental and health impacts of SUP. Continue Reading

Photo by Catherine Sheila from Pexels

Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2020 This is a comprehensive federal bill to address plastic pollution! This bill would: Ban plastic bags, styrofoam cups and carry-out containers, and plastic utensils.  Require minimum recycled content for drink containers and 0.10 deposit on each  create “extended producer responsibility” — requiringContinue Reading

Image by Stefano Ferrario from Pixabay

To protect our community and prevent the spread of the covid-19 coronavirus, the March PASUP gathering has been canceled. We are encouraging action teams to hold online meetings or conference calls in order to continue their project work. We are using the PASUP website and Facebook page to share updatesContinue Reading